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Can I Volunteer at a Hypnosis Show if I Tried Hypnosis Before and it Didn’t Work?

If for some reason you weren’t able to be hypnotized at one point in your life; it doesn’t mean that you can’t be hypnotized. The inability to go into a hypnotic state varies from situation to situation. There are countless factors that could’ve prevented you from being hypnotized. Hypnotist Mitchell V suggests that you volunteer to be hypnotized again. Having a different hypnotist; a different environment; a different state of mind may allow hypnosis to work on you this time around.


How Much Fun Do Hypnosis Volunteers Really Have on Stage?

First off, “having fun” is highly subjective. If you’re having fun or not having fun is an emotional response that’s influenced by your personal feelings, tastes and opinions. But of course, hypnotized volunteers, time and time again, rave about how much fun they had during a comedy hypnosis show.


It’s always great to see the hypnotized volunteers go back to their friends in the audience and laugh about what they said and did on the stage. Being hypnotized at a comedy show is a highly unique notch on someone’s belt; not everyone can say they’ve been hypnotized before. It’s a fun story that the participant gets to share for years to come.


What Does Being Hypnotized Feel Like?

Each person will have different stories of how they felt when they were hypnotized. The majority of hypnosis volunteers describe it as feeling like:

  • They’ve had the best night’s sleep of their life.
  • They knew what was going on around them and they just wanted to follow the hypnotist’s instructions.
  • They were having an out of body experience and could see themselves on the stage.
  • They couldn’t hear anything but the hypnotist’s voice.

Hypnosis is a highly personal activity and you should experience it for yourself to see what you feel like. Overall, you will feel more relaxed than you ever have felt in your life.


What Are Example Commands an Ethical Stage Hypnotist Would Use in a Show?

Each stage hypnotist has their own material that they perform, along with common hypnosis show interactive activities. So, for example, here are some ethical hypnosis commands that you will see in comedy hypnosis shows:

  • Removing Memories.  A hypnotist can make you forget your name or something trivial like the number two. Mitchell V has had great fun with volunteers by removing the number two from their memory bank.
  • Impersonating Celebrities. You haven’t laughed quite so hard until you see hypnotized volunteers pretend to be Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga.
  • Speaking Another Language. When a person is hypnotized, they can be made to believe that their native language is Chinese or even as far out as knowing a Martian language.
  • Removing Clothing. An ethical hypnotist will have their volunteers believe that they’re naked on stage in front of a full audience. A negligent hypnotist will embed a suggestion for volunteers to psychically remove their clothing. Big difference; one suggestion is hilarious while the other is just plain wrong.


Does the Hypnotist Embedded Suggestions Stay in My Brain After the Show is Over?

A professional stage hypnotist will remove all of the embedded suggestions at the end of the show. Any hypnotist that doesn’t remove the suggestions is highly negligent. If for whatever reason a volunteer still feels like they’re hypnotized, the residual feelings will wear off in as little as 10 minutes after the show. In some rare cases, it can take a couple of hours but no one will be stuck in a hypnotic trance indefinitely.


Will I Remember What I Did on Stage as a Hypnotized Volunteer?

You should remember what happened on stage. Despite popular belief, a hypnotized volunteer doesn’t experience amnesia due to hypnosis. If he or she doesn’t remember what happened, they are purposefully trying to block out the experience as someone would with any memory they choose to forget.


Is a Comedy Hypnosis Show Appropriate for Corporate or Business Settings?

By now, you realize that comedy stage hypnosis shows are infinitely adaptable. A stage hypnotist is often called upon by large and small corporations to entertain their employees. Whether it’s a holiday party or an event celebrating a big company milestone, hypnosis shows can bring huge smiles to your staff. You can also request specific team-building material to be created for a show unique to your brand and company. The possibilities are truly endless.


A comedy hypnosis show is a great morale booster and treat for your employees.


How Much Does a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Cost?

Unfortunately, asking how much a stage hypnosis show costs is like asking, “How much does a car cost?” You’ve probably been searching the internet looking for approximate costs for this highly entertaining and unique show. Just like with cars, your specifications will change the cost.


The best way to get a ballpark figure for your event is to reach out to the hypnotist and fill out this easy and quick Hypnosis Show Questionnaire. Mitchell V tries to work with his clients and offers highly-competitive rates and packages.


How Do I Book Mitchell V for a Hypnosis Show?

Wow, you’ve reached the bottom of this very detailed article; bravo! You must really be interested in comedy hypnosis shows. After reading this free breakdown of the top FAQ’s stage hypnotists receive, you should be all set to make an educated decision as to which stage hypnotist is best for your event.


If based on his answers, you’re convinced that you MUST have renowned hypnotist Mitchell V at your next event, booking is an easy process.


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