Comedy Hypnosis Show for Festivals, carnivals & Fundraisers


Your fair or festival would not be complete without Mitchell V's hysterical comedy hypnosis show. Just mentioning the word “Hypnosis” can draw an incredible crowd, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Comedy Hypnosis show for corporate events & functions


When bringing a comedy hypnotist to you corporate or business event we know one of your top priorities is that it be appropriate for everyone in attendance. When you hire Mitchell V, you can relax knowing that his show is 100% appropriate and safe, as he allows absolutely zero foul language, sexual references, racism, and dangerous stunts or humiliation. 

Comedy Hypnosis Show for Year End Functions and Office Parties

Are you planning or looking for Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas?​ For this year’s party or any other special occasion, do you want something unusual?


Then why not book Hypnotist Mitchell V for a Comedy Hypnosis Show for your Year End function entertainment?​

Comedy Hypnosis Show for Wedding Receptions

Looking for unusual Entertainment ideas for your Wedding Reception or any other Special Occasion?  

Then why not book Hypnotist Mitchell V for your Wedding Entertainment?

Comedy Hypnosis Show for Private Functions

Comedy Hypnosis Show for Birthday Partys

Comedy Hypnosis Show for Colleges & High Schools

The Incredible Comedy Hypnotist

Mitchell V is fast becoming South Africa's favourite Hypnotist providing hilarious, side-splitting, belly aching, non-stop laughter and entertainment suitable for all, with audience participation at its best. Mitchell V's on-stage volunteers become the stars of the show as he builds an enormously entertaining performance, delighting participants and audience members alike together with his fast-paced wit in a superb, unforgettable one of a kind performance.


His show will be not only be professional and hilarious but content appropriate for your audience. Both participants and audience are guaranteed to come out of Mitchell’s show feeling more energized, alive and full of life than when they walked in.