Comedy Hypnotist Mitchell V - Festival & Carnival Entertainer

Draw a Huge Crowd! Easy to Promote!


Not only do comedy hypnosis shows at fairs & festivals naturally draw a crowd, but Mitchell V can supply you with top-notch promotional materials that stand out…at no additional cost. And if you should wish to create your own materials, you’ll even be supplied with high quality digital imagery to use.


Appropriate and Safe


One of the biggest concerns for festival & fair boards is ensuring that a comedy hypnosis show will be appropriate for everyone. With an extensive background in providing family friendly comedy hypnosis shows, you can rest assured that the content in every one of Comedy Hypnotist Mitchell V's shows is 100% appropriate for the audience in attendance.


Leave Your Guests With An Unforgettable Experience


Would you agree that your event is all about providing an experience your guests will never forget? Comedy Hypnotist Mitchell V guarantees to leave your guests in a fit of hysterical laughter and even rolling in the aisles. More importantly though, Mitchell understands you’re looking for more then just a comedy hypnotist. You want a comedy hypnotist that boosts your fair or festivals reputation, brings your guests back, and is strong enough for them to spread the word to others.


Easy to Work With


If you have experience booking entertainment for your fair or festival, you are no doubt familiar with the headache that comes with it. The often irrational demands of performers looking for a specific bottle of water, 5-star hotels, expensive travel costs, meal reimbursement etc…Mitchell V is extremely easy to work with.


Professional and Polished


Mitchell v has been performing comedy hypnosis for a long time. Although his comedy hypnosis show is accessible and fun, it’s also extremely polished and professional. The second Mitchell V steps on stage, his hypnotic shows are filled with hysterical entertainment as he transforms members of the audience into the Stars of the Show.

Carnival & Festival Comedy Hypnotist