See the Show, or be in the Show !

Rest assured, this performance is NOT an X-Rated or Strip Show. The ``Adult Show`` title simply means that the grown-ups get to have a Night of Fun all of their own.

Venue Owners,

Here is an opportunity to bring a Top Act Theatre Style Show to your venue RISK FREE! 

Hypnosis After Dark 18+ is South Africa's Adult Comedy Hypnosis Show that you can bring to your venue for almost ZERO Rands.

There must be a catch…right? NOPE there is'nt !

All Mitchell V wants from you is:

The proceeds from the first 50 tickets sold to the show. So your venue must seat at least 50 people, tickets must be sold for R100 each, you are responsible for promotion of the show (We provide you all marketing materials absolutely free), AND a payed hotel room for the night of the show.

That’s it, no catch & no hidden fees…


But We know what you’re thinking, “What if 50 tickets don’t sell to the event?” 

NOTHING! If 50 tickets fail to sell, you ARE NOT on the hook for the difference. Mitchell V eats the loss as he's confident his show will sell for you!


All ticket sales after the first 50 tickets belong to you! This is your incentive to promote the show hard. You can sell these tickets for any price, give them away, use them in contests, radio giveaways to promote the show etc. The choice is yours. It’s your profit.


If this sound FANTASTIC to you, click the button below, whatsapp 064 316 2411 or email

Pack Your Venue, sell drinks...make money
hypnosis after dark

Hypnosis After Dark is a Las Vegas Style Show brought to your venue! This isn’t a normal paced Comedy Hypnosis Show. Comedy Hypnotist Mitchell V brings this old-age mystical art form kicking and screaming into the 21st century.


You’ll have the time of your life watching Mitchell V turn ordinary audience volunteers into extraordinary Superstars! However, you won’t see any of the “family friendly” hypnosis skits that are presented at his family friendly events and functions. You’ll experience all new hypnotic hijinks specifically geared toward a 18+ crowd.


If you’ve attended the Adult Show in the past, you already know how wildly hilarious this show can be. But, if this is your first time attending, prepare yourself to laugh harder and longer than you ever have before. Once in a hypnotic trance, the audience volunteers unleash their vivid imagination – with hilarious results. No two shows are ever the same and you never know what will happen next. That’s what makes the Mitchell V's Comedy Hypnosis Show so popular. Best of all, you’ll be able to purchase a DVD video of the performance so you can relive the hilarity over and over.


Using breath taking displays of hypnotic phenomena, unbelievable energy, and hysterical comedy Mitchell weaves a truly unforgettable high-octane show! Like other great comedic performers Mitchell pushes the outer limits of humor with his unconventional approach to entertainment.


His mesmerizing demonstrations offer spellbinding entertainment and a unique message that will compel you to see and book the show again and again!

Adult Entertainment for Comedy Clubs, Bars, Casinos, Nightclubs & More!