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Entertainer / Artist

It was in the late 90's that Mitchell decided to throw caution to the wind by leaving behind the business world, and started following his passion for alternative and natural healing.


While having also spent over 2 decades in music entertainment, entertaining thousands of people, it only seemed natural that with his entertainment background that he took his hypnotic skill to the stage, producing a high energy, high impact comedy hypnosis show that will have your sides splitting with laughter.

Each participant that is on the stage, will react differently, so no two shows are ever alike! Because of this unique factor, Mitchell is able to personalize the performance to fit any private or corporate function or event.

Mitchell offers the following talks, seminars, workshops and programs to forward thinking Companies and Individuals:

  • Improving Self Confidence

  • Sales Performance

  • Stress Management

  • Self Motivation

  • Quit Smoking

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Corporate Entertainment

If you feel that you, your Company or any of your staff could benefit from his services, then please contact him to see how he can help you.


Mitchell has worked with thousands of people and everyone has individual needs from his services as a Hypnosis Practitioner. Mitchell is not a typical therapist he is a Hypnotist and gets the job done quickly and effectively. 


Mitchell runs his private Hypnosis Practice in Cape Town and as a Doctor referred Therapist, helps clients to overcome a variety of personal issues, including; overcoming Addictions, Weight Management, Stop Smoking, resolving Fears & Phobias, Improving Self Confidence and Self esteem, Improving Sales Performance, Enhancing Sports Performace, breaking Habits and much more...Mitchell is often used by medical teams for assisting their patients with pain management and control. 


He also assists trauma victims remember specifics in investigations, by improving their memory recall through the state of Hypnosis.